Creating your Perfect Bathroom Suite

When it comes to remodeling bathroom suites there are a few things that you need to consider to make sure that the bathroom ends up being your dream suite. The first thing you are going to need to consider is whether or not you want to go with style and design over practicality. You can have a fancy bathroom that looks stunning to all that enter it, but the practical use of that bathroom may not be up to par with what other people would consider functional. Because you have so many styles that you can choose from, it can be challenging to decide this without some help.

You are also going to need to look at the space constraints that you have in your current bathroom. If it’s too small to install an open shower enclosure, then you might need to focus on bifold shower enclosures that will give you a bit more room but still gives you the fancy quality you have always dreamt of. It all depends on what you want your bathroom to express to those that use it. Once you have figured out what style you want in your suite, then you can start looking at the materials that you can pick from.


Finally, you will want to determine just how luxurious you want your appliances and accessories to be. Whether or not you want a bath tub, Jacuzzi, or even a hot tub can be decisions you want to consider. It’s all about the amount of money that you have available for the remodel and the amount of space that your current bathroom is willing to offer to you. Of course, you can always choose to add additional space to your bathroom, but that will cost you even more money so decide carefully. There are certain things that you will need to prepare for when deciding to remodel your bathroom. Not all styles and designs are going to work for your bathroom so you will need to be ready to give up one idea for another at the drop of a hat. It can be a challenge for you and confusing for others, but it’s usually for the best when you consider how much money you have to work with.…

Connecting The Power And The Shower Fitting

1. After fixing the shower unit to the bathroom wall and making the connection from the rising main, thread in the circuit cable.


2. Feed the cable up the unit and strip it before connecting the red and black cores to the L and N terminals respectively. 3. Remember to sleeve the bare earth core in green/yellow PVC before feeding it into the earth terminal and connecting it Lip. 4. Then make sure that the clamp plate will bear down on the cable sheathing before tightening it up to protect all the connections. Connecting Shower Fitting

Before you get to grips with installing a new shower cubicle, you ought to select the type of control fitting you’re going to use. Your choice may affect the way you organize the plumbing. Once you’ve decided where you’re going to site your shower — over a bath or in a separate cubicle — you’ll have to determine what type of fitting you’re going to use to run it. In order for the shower to work effectively, you need to be able to control the rate of flow of water and also, more importantly, it’s temperature. There’s nothing worse than standing under a stuttering supply of water that’s hot one minute and cold the next. So it’s the job of the shower fitting to provide this control fast and effectively. Sane fittings work by having individual taps to control the hot and cold water supplies, while the more sophisticated types have a simple valve or a mixer. How they are connected up to the water supply depends primarily on their design. For example, instantaneous showers need only to be connected to the mains cold water supply, as they heat all the hot water required just before it comes out of the shower rose. A hot water supply is therefore unnecessary. But for all other showers, the temperature of the water is controlled by mixing together separate supplies of hot and cold water which may also be at different pressures. The simplest fittings Before proper showers over a bath and separate shower cubicles became popular, it was quite common to find a rather makeshift device being used to supply a spray of water. This consisted of length of rubber hose with a rose attached at one end and two connectors fitted at the other which slipped over the hot and cold taps on the bath.…

Clearing Blocked Drains

There are few plumbing emergencies quite as unpleasant as a blocked drain or waste pipe. However, it’s usually possible to cure the problem if you know what to do when you’ve tracked down the blockage and you have the right equipment. Professional plumbers rarely relish being called out to deal with a blockage. There are specialist drain clearance firms, but they can’t always be contacted quickly in an emergency — and their charges reflect what can sometimes be the unpleasantness of the job. Drain or waste-pipe clearance is usually well within the capacity of the householder, and there are certainly few more cost-effective do-it-yourself jobs about the house. Clearing Blocked Drains Coping with blocked sinks

The outlet of the sink, usually the trap immediately beneath the sink itself, is the commonest site of waste-pipe blockage. Usually the obstruction can be cleared quickly and easily by means of a sink-waste plunger or force cup. This is a very simple plumbing tool obtainable from any do-it-yourself shop, ironmongers or household store, It consists of a rubber or plastic hemisphere, usually mounted on a wooden or plastic handle. Every household should have one. To use it to clear a sink waste blockage, first press a damp cloth firmly into the overflow outlet, holding it securely with one hand. Then pull out the plug and lower the plunger into the flooded sink so that the cup is positioned over the waste outlet, Plunge it up and down sharply half a dozen or more times. Since water cannot be compressed, the water in the waste between the cup and the obstruction is converted into a ram to clear the blockage. The overflow outlet is sealed to prevent the force being dissipated up the overflow. If your first efforts at plunging are unsuccessful, persevere. Each thrust may be moving the obstruction a little further along the waste pipe until it is discharged into the drain gully or the main soil and waste stack.


Should plunging prove unsuccessful you’ll have to gain access to the trap. Brass and lead U-shaped traps have a screwed-in plug at the base. With plastic U-shaped and bottle traps the lower part can be unscrewed and removed. Before attempting this, put the plug in the sink and place a bucket under the trap: it will probably be full of water unless the blockage is immediately below the sink outlet, and the chances are that opening the trap will release it. Having done so, probe into the trap, and into the waste pipe itself. You can buy purpose-made sink waste augers for this purpose, but you’ll find that a piece of expanding curtainwire, with a hook on the end, can be equally effective.…

Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling

It is very evident that most bathroom tiles and appliances wear out after prolonged usage. The flooring will appear outdated and bath tubs and toilets will turn yellow or pink in color. Remodeling the bathroom would be one of the most arduous and expensive venture.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the primary steps when it comes to renovating your home. There are professional services as well, that provide customer services in bathroom remodeling. But why exactly do you remodel your bathroom? What difference can it bring to your bathrooms?


Remodeling a bathroom brings about a change in looks to your laboratories. It gives a fresh demeanor and gives more space. If the walls of the bathroom are dark colored like green or blue, then there is a chance of mold growing on them. This is a scientifically proven health hazard. To prevent this you can remodel your bathroom walls with yellow or skylight colors. You can install a large window for enough light entrance as an additional step to prevent mold growth. Plumbing and drainage is the crucial procedure in bathroom remodeling. Unhealthy plumbing and drainages can be the worst nightmare for anyone. So it is important to give adequate importance in renovating them. Before beginning any renovation work, look for leaks from pipes and bath tubs. Remove the subflooring to repair any water damage. Water lines and drain lines need to be upgraded. This should be done before installing a new bathtub or sink. Remodeling gives you the right opportunity to provide space inside the bathroom. It would be uncomfortable, to bathe inside a congested space. Also showers and out-of-date bathroom utensils like sink and bath tubs could create a bad impression in your guests. Painting the bathroom walls and cleaning the bathroom floors and bathroom tools itself could refresh the total outlook of the bathroom. You can also provide freshness by providing new towels and attractive bathroom shelves.…

Adding Plumbing To An Outdoor Building Or Summerhouse

While everyone loves to socialise and eat around a great barbecue, most people don’t look forward to cleaning the cooking unit and utensils the same day. Instead of traipsing indoors with all of your barbecue equipment, wouldn’t it be easier if you bought your water supply to your barbecue? Alternately, you could add a small sink and water supply to your outdoor summerhouse, which is probably located right next your barbecue area. This keeps the barbecue chef close to the area where they are cooking and allows them to have a food preparation area which drastically reduces the number of trips required back and forth to the house. Adding Plumbing To An Outdoor Building Or Summer house Consider the worst weather


Plumbing a summerhouse in this manner means that you can add small cabinets and sufficient countertop space inside your outdoor summerhouse so that they are protected from any poor weather. You do need to consider the very worst weather that the British Isles can throw at your outdoor plumbing which mostly includes the frozen months from December to February when you need to make sure that all of your outside plumbing is completely drained to prevent the pipes from cracking. Therefore, if your plumbing is to run from the inside of your house, you need to be to shut off the water supply from your house to your garden room to prevent expensive repairs before the barbecue season begins again. The installation process If you are an average DIY person with no particular skills in plumbing, this is probably not the time to learn unless you can work alongside an expert friend or family member who knows exactly what they’re doing, because you will be breaking into your house’s water supply if you want a professional installation. Depending upon the size of your outdoor summerhouse, you will want to balance the need for using up the smallest amount of space in your garden room with the need to install a big enough sink and countertop with cabinets for your work area.

Once you have a budget in mind, you will be able to purchase all of the necessary materials from your local garden supercentre or plumber’s merchant. If you intend to install water pipes underground, make sure that you fit them in an area where you won’t need to be turning earth with a fork or spade because finding a damaged water pipe is not a suitable task. Hot water supply If you want to pull a hot water supply from your house, as well as the cold, you are now safely out of the area of average DIY planning. Extending the hot water supply from your house to your garden room will require expert assistance, especially as you are not adding a small three or 4 foot extension to plumb in a washing machine. If you have electricity in your garden room, it might be easier to install a stand-alone hot water dispenser. Alternately, your outdoor summerhouse will …

7 Tips to Picking the Right Plumber – Part Two

Pricing It is imperative that you do a price survey so as to pick the best plumber that will offer the best money for quality. You could obtain between three to four quotes so you can weigh your options. The company with the highest quote does not necessarily mean they will produce the best quality as they could have an elaborate office and spend a lot on adverts which means they might have to bump up the price to defray their high overhead costs. Likewise, a company with the lowest price could also mean that they might use inferior materials which is why the next point is crucial. Warranty Any plumber who is confident in its abilities must be able to give you a written warranty on his job. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a fix and three months down the line, you have to call your plumber again, on the same job. Ensure that you obtain a warranty from your plumber on both the job and the material (if possible) before committing to the contract and promptly make a call if anything goes wrong.

Accessibility What is the essence of having an exceptionally skilled plumber who is not available when water is draining out of your kitchen? Customer care is critical in this job, and it will be in your best interest to employ a plumber who is available 24 hours a day including weekends. This way, you can be able to get someone to attend to you, especially in situations where a blocked toilet might prevent you from using the restroom.


Reviews In this internet age, it will be considered a hasty decision if you employ a plumber without looking up on review sites like Yelp to know what the experiences of previous customers were. Some plumbers can come to work in your house and days later, you might discover that something is gone missing. Worst still, some can commit sexual crimes. To be fair to the plumbers, some clients can be overzealous and would run to write a review after having a bad experience that might not necessarily be the plumber’s fault. In all cases, however, you do not make your decision based on a few good or bad isolated cases; what you are looking for is a pattern.…

7 Tips to Picking the Right Plumber – Part One

Plumbing involves the installation and maintenance of water systems. The number one reason why most households need the services of plumbers Phoenix is because they have leakages. Leaks often occur when a pipe is badly rusted or when there is a buckling or if the pipe is struck by an external object. There are incidences where people come back from work and discover that their basement or kitchen is partially flooded with water.


In another instance, a new home builder can equally employ the service of a plumbing contractor for their needs. Whatever the case, the following tips will help in ensuring that you pick the right plumber with regards to the quality of the job, cost effectiveness and guarantee. Experience When hiring a plumber from a company, the years of existence of such company does not really count. What matters is the level of experience and expertise of the person the company is sending. There is nothing wrong in giving your job to a new person or company because a lack of experience is different from a lack of actual knowledge of the job. Secondly, a new company could be set up by a plumber who has many years of experience on the job. In this case, while the company is new; the owner is not new to the trade. Thirdly, a new company or a newly licensed plumber could provide you with a much cheaper deal than what you will get with the more established folks. Insurance

There are risks associated with the plumbing profession. A vehicle that is bringing your ceramic toilet seat could be involved in a mishap. The plumber doing the work might be involved in an unfortunate slip because of the slippery floor. Unforeseen incidences like these are the reason why the plumber you are going to employ should have some liability insurance so that you are covered in the event of such occurrences. Licensure Obtaining a plumbing license requires a person to enroll in a vocational school where both the practical and theoretical aspects of the job including safety is taught. After that, the fellow needs to pass an assessment before the license could be issued. Having a practice license by the requisite plumbing authorities is a form of guarantee that the plumber you are dealing with knows the job, and some people can attest to his expertise. Before employing your next plumber, ensure that you check up the plumbers details in the appropriate plumbing directory for your state or community.…