The bathroom can be one of the hardest places to decorate and furnish because of the preset furniture, the constant exposure to moisture and potential water leaks. If you are working on your bathroom or want to make some significant changes in it, then there are a lot of various factors you need to consider before jumping in and getting started. Finding proper flooring, appliances, and décor can be difficult but here we have a variety of helpful tips for designing bathrooms that truly reflect your personal style! Decorating and Designing Bathrooms


First you need to work on your bathroom hardware. Those who are designing bathrooms and overseeing the construction of a new house may be able to request that some hardware be built into the bathroom. Though if you don’t have that luxury then you can simply look at sets. Buying hardware and décor in sets will ensure that all of it is color coordinating and matches perfectly. Scouring several stores and finding the perfect bathroom set will truly help enhance the homey feeling in your bathroom. Additionally you can have the bathroom hardware sets match your bathroom furniture! Speaking of bathroom furniture, you need to be very careful with your choices. Most bathrooms are fairly small, however if you have a larger one you can easily put in some comfortable metal chairs to sit in front of a vanity mirror. Or you can have several attractive shelves put in to coordinate perfectly with your theme!

Don’t forget a very important feature for your bathroom; the lighting. Dim lighting will be the bane of your existence and can leave you walking out to work with a variety of cosmetic issues you never noticed! On the opposite end of that, you don’t want an incredibly harsh light that blinds you each time you turn it on. This is why having multiple lights is essential. Using a brighter light above your vanity or mirror will help you get ready without flaws; however having a much softer and more gentle light up on your ceiling will create a pleasant atmosphere for relaxing baths and showers! Designing bathrooms can be a fun process however you need to be sure that you carefully analyze all of your furniture, appliances, and even your flooring! Ensuring that everything matches will create a harmonious feeling and you will definitely be more than satisfied with the overall appearance once the designing and decorating is complete!

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