The kitchen sink is a very important, if under appreciated, part of any kitchen. There are few parts of your kitchen which will receive more use and abuse than the sink. There is always something to be washed, whether food, a masticating juicer or dishes, and sinks matter equally to food prep and clean up.


A bright, shiny sink can make the whole room look bright and clean, while a sink that is stained, tarnished or pitted never looks clean and consequently makes the whole kitchen seem lightly dingy as well.

In fact, replacing your sink is one of the simplest forms of kitchen remodeling. These days, you can buy sinks made of stainless steel, cast iron or granite. Stainless steel is inexpensive, sanitary, and gives off a wonderful shine. It also comes in more than one finish. Cast iron is extremely durable and offered in many different colors; it’s also surprisingly easy to clean. Granite is the top shelf product; it’s heat resistant and very beautiful.

If you have a small kitchen, you may opt for a single basin sink. That gives you the most capacity and work space. If you have a large kitchen, a double basin is extremely useful. It’s nice to be able to wash dishes in one sink and still leave the other free for food preparation or rinsing.

You can even purchase a triple basin sink if you have the space to accommodate it. Look for sinks that are deep enough to hold a good load of dishes. You can also chose sinks that are mounted flush to the counter, below the counter, or which have a rim around the edge that stands up from the counter.

Whatever your style of kitchen and budget, you can find a sink to meet your needs. You will be amazed at how much better your entire kitchen looks.

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