While everyone loves to socialise and eat around a great barbecue, most people don’t look forward to cleaning the cooking unit and utensils the same day. Instead of traipsing indoors with all of your barbecue equipment, wouldn’t it be easier if you bought your water supply to your barbecue? Alternately, you could add a small sink and water supply to your outdoor summerhouse, which is probably located right next your barbecue area. This keeps the barbecue chef close to the area where they are cooking and allows them to have a food preparation area which drastically reduces the number of trips required back and forth to the house. Adding Plumbing To An Outdoor Building Or Summer house Consider the worst weather


Plumbing a summerhouse in this manner means that you can add small cabinets and sufficient countertop space inside your outdoor summerhouse so that they are protected from any poor weather. You do need to consider the very worst weather that the British Isles can throw at your outdoor plumbing which mostly includes the frozen months from December to February when you need to make sure that all of your outside plumbing is completely drained to prevent the pipes from cracking. Therefore, if your plumbing is to run from the inside of your house, you need to be to shut off the water supply from your house to your garden room to prevent expensive repairs before the barbecue season begins again. The installation process If you are an average DIY person with no particular skills in plumbing, this is probably not the time to learn unless you can work alongside an expert friend or family member who knows exactly what they’re doing, because you will be breaking into your house’s water supply if you want a professional installation. Depending upon the size of your outdoor summerhouse, you will want to balance the need for using up the smallest amount of space in your garden room with the need to install a big enough sink and countertop with cabinets for your work area.

Once you have a budget in mind, you will be able to purchase all of the necessary materials from your local garden supercentre or plumber’s merchant. If you intend to install water pipes underground, make sure that you fit them in an area where you won’t need to be turning earth with a fork or spade because finding a damaged water pipe is not a suitable task. Hot water supply If you want to pull a hot water supply from your house, as well as the cold, you are now safely out of the area of average DIY planning. Extending the hot water supply from your house to your garden room will require expert assistance, especially as you are not adding a small three or 4 foot extension to plumb in a washing machine. If you have electricity in your garden room, it might be easier to install a stand-alone hot water dispenser. Alternately, your outdoor summerhouse will be able to take a solar panel which should provide you with sufficient hot water to clean a barbecue after use or perhaps just washing your wine glass after a lazy day in your garden retreat. Your planning will be worth all of the trouble of getting at least a cold water supply to your garden room. Plumbing a summerhouse will certainly add value to your property.

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