Pricing It is imperative that you do a price survey so as to pick the best plumber that will offer the best money for quality. You could obtain between three to four quotes so you can weigh your options. The company with the highest quote does not necessarily mean they will produce the best quality as they could have an elaborate office and spend a lot on adverts which means they might have to bump up the price to defray their high overhead costs. Likewise, a company with the lowest price could also mean that they might use inferior materials which is why the next point is crucial. Warranty Any plumber who is confident in its abilities must be able to give you a written warranty on his job. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a fix and three months down the line, you have to call your plumber again, on the same job. Ensure that you obtain a warranty from your plumber on both the job and the material (if possible) before committing to the contract and promptly make a call if anything goes wrong.

Accessibility What is the essence of having an exceptionally skilled plumber who is not available when water is draining out of your kitchen? Customer care is critical in this job, and it will be in your best interest to employ a plumber who is available 24 hours a day including weekends. This way, you can be able to get someone to attend to you, especially in situations where a blocked toilet might prevent you from using the restroom.


Reviews In this internet age, it will be considered a hasty decision if you employ a plumber without looking up on review sites like Yelp to know what the experiences of previous customers were. Some plumbers can come to work in your house and days later, you might discover that something is gone missing. Worst still, some can commit sexual crimes. To be fair to the plumbers, some clients can be overzealous and would run to write a review after having a bad experience that might not necessarily be the plumber’s fault. In all cases, however, you do not make your decision based on a few good or bad isolated cases; what you are looking for is a pattern.

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